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Hope In A Playbook

When I was little my mother filmed pretty much everything having to do with me except for my birth. I use to love doing plays and singing songs. She’d record me on her Sony 8 millimeter camcorder. During my childhood in the 1990s, there was a TV show based out of California that I watched all the time called “Kid Songs”. The premise was that the show itself was created “by kids for kids”. The hosts, directors, camera people, and editors were all kids. I just remember staring at my TV with wonder and joy. It was magical, knowing someone like me could have an opportunity to “do what my mom did with a camera.” That’s when I knew I wanted to be a part of the world of Television. I was four years old. Throughout my childhood my teachers always gave me mature praise and critique on my writing which meant a lot to me because I was so passionate about it and they really believed that I was good at it. It was amazing to know I was going down the right path. When I was 15, I was watching one of my favorite shows at the time and I was very disappointed in the episode’s ending because I knew there were many different ways the it could have been better and made more sense. I was so mad and told my mother that I knew I could have written it better. That’s when I realized I knew exactly what I wanted to do which is write for television. Maybe someday I’ll make my way up to show-runner, director and producer but for right now, this is what I want to be and I’m happy with that decision.

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